October 14, 2020

Five tips for safeguarding valuable jewelry when you travel

Stephen Bitterman

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Five tips for safeguarding valuable jewelry when you travel

As health concerns ease and travel restrictions are relaxed, many of  us will pack our bags and venture out into the world again. When you do, be sure that your jewelry stays safe, too. Toward that goal, Stephen Bitterman, chief risk services officer of Vault Insurance, has some timely advice for anyone taking precious jewels or timepieces  on the road.

Carry it on

When traveling by commercial airline, never pack valuable jewels or watches in checked luggage. The safest place to keep such items when traveling is on your person. A ring, for instance, is safer on your finger than it is in your carry-on luggage.

Don’t flaunt it

Avoid tempting fate (and thieves) by keeping your most conspicuously valuable items out of public view. Be just as cautious about posts to social media as you are walking the streets.  Either could make you a target.   

Check out your driver

Don’t get into a hired car unless the driver or transportation company has been properly vetted by your hotel. It is not uncommon for hired car drivers to tip off accomplices, who rob passengers that are well dressed or wearing expensive jewelry. 

Take it with you

Don’t leave anything of value in your hotel room or villa.  If somebody else has access, they may use it to rob you themselves or let an accomplice in.  And do not trust a room safe unless it is bolted to the building. Better still, use the hotel’s primary vault.

Wash it with your hands

When washing their hands in a public restroom, a shocking number of people take off valuable rings or watches—only to forget and never see them again. Always keep these valuables on your fingers and wrists when washing up away from home.

The above tips are all common sense. But amid the excitement to travel again, it’s worth pausing to commit them to memory so that you and your jewelry return home together.

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