September 11, 2020

A new brand image for the new standard in personal insurance

Charles Williamson

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Welcome to the newly renovated website. It’s modern, bold and easy, reflecting the way we do business every day.  

Hard to believe it’s now been three years since my veteran colleagues and I began talking about launching Vault.  We looked around the business and had a lot of questions. Among them: “Why is our industry so slow?  Why is the technology antiquated?  What happened to customer service?”  Our frustrations didn’t end there. Why, we wondered,  were insurers still clogging the mailboxes of our best customers with so much inscrutable policy paperwork?  Why hadn’t the payments experience kept up with the digital age? Why were agents getting routed to voicemail oblivion when they were trying to help our mutual customers?

On that day,  we resolved to start over and build a new kind of insurance company that would do things right.Thus was born Vault, a company devoted to protecting the places, passions, and possibilities of very successful people through simple yet sophisticated service.

And pretty much from the start, the universe began telling us we were on to something.

We launched  in Florida, offering a suite of  homeowner, liability, and collectible products, but since then we’ve expanded to 18  states and added an auto product. From a  small startup crew, we  have become a team of 100 outstanding professionals, with state-of-the-art technology to back them up.  We are simplifying everything. Customers only get one bill for all their accounts with us. All the paperwork is  truly paperLESS.  And every payment is digital. So we’ll never say, “the check is in the mail.”  Meanwhile, our concierge team is providing thoughtful one-to-one service for our customers, solving problems quickly and making their lives easier.  And when agents call, we pick up the phone and give them the answers they need on the spot.

We’ve been able to do all this even as the insurance market continues to be challenged by ever-more devastating hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters on top of the fact that the world was upended by Covid-19 in 2020. 

Although we were not expecting a global pandemic, the way we designed Vault has enabled us to thrive in these challenging times. From Day 1, our technology allowed every colleague to work from anywhere. When we were forced to close our headquarters building, we continued serving our agents and customers without pause.

We were also quick to  build procedures and invest in personal protective equipment, giving us the flexibility to visit clients homes for inspections or to help with losses if they preferred an in-person visit. 

Despite the current economic and epidemiological uncertainties, we are not slowing down. We are in the process of expanding to the West Coast and next year will enter the Midwest, which will help us better serve the needs of even more clients.   And we expect to further strengthen our capital base, enabling even more prudent growth.

Now it’s time to tell our tale to a wider audience.  It’s a story of technology that is not dehumanizing but rather empowers our people to deliver caring individualized service. It’s a story in which every customer interaction is simple, straightforward, and personal. And it’s a story that proves that an insurance company does not need to be trapped in the bureaucratic  complexity that rightly gives the industry a bad name.  

That’s why today we are announcing a new slogan that encapsulates Vault’s story: “The new standard in personal insurance.” 

It is an audacious promise for such a young company, but it’s one we are already living up to every day.

Ultimately, though, we are not merely here to make a better insurance company. Our core goal is to enable our customers to live more fulfilling lives.  Our new website proclaims “Live Love Life” because we think life is beautiful.  Because we know our clients lead especially dynamic lives, we are devoted to protecting them from the unique vulnerabilities that accompany their success. And we are committed to helping them overcome whatever challenges come their way, as smoothly as possible.  We are with our clients every step of the way—in their distinguished professional achievements, their meaningful social interactions, their adventurous pursuits, their discerning collections, and their impactful charitable work. 

That’s what we mean when we proclaim that Vault is  the new standard in personal insurance.

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