Your homes, and everything inside them, matter as much to us as they do to you. You can see that level of care in our coverage, which has been designed specifically to protect the extraordinary quality, customization and detail in higher-value homes.  Combining superior attention to detail with concierge-level services, we can promise you the best-possible insurance experience.

Coverage Highlights

Extended Replacement Cost

So that you can rebuild your home exactly as it was, Vault offers an extended replacement cost of up to 200% the actual coverage amount on your policy.

Flexible Claim Settlement Options

In the event of a claim, Vault will either pay to have your house painstakingly rebuilt, or offer you a cash settlement for the full cost of damages (up to the limit of the policy), with no obligation to replace or rebuild. The choice is yours.

Higher Deductible Options

To help you manage the cost of insurance coverage, Vault offers a variety of deductible options up to $250,000.

Large Deductible Waiver

If your deductible is $25,000 or less and you experience a covered loss that exceeds $50,000, Vault will waive that deductible.

Home Systems Protection/Equipment Breakdown

We offer specialized coverage for accidental mechanical or electrical breakdowns that occur in your home’s major systems and permanently installed appliances.

Service Line Protection

Did you know you own the outdoor service lines from the street to your house? You’re not alone. Vault provides coverage for exterior, underground, water and sewer piping; electrical service lines, and data lines, among others.

Enhanced Jewelry Coverage

You shouldn’t be afraid to wear your jewelry. Vault automatically includes a $50,000 sub-limit for damaged, lost or stolen pieces when your contents coverage is more than half your dwelling limit.

Coverage for Sewer and Drain Backups

In the event of a backup or overflow in your sewer, sump pumps or drains, we provide coverage for resulting damages and clean-up costs.

Loss Mitigation Claims Benefit

After a covered incident, we’ll pay up to $2,500 to install an approved loss-prevention device (e.g., water-detection and shut-off systems, lightning rods, sump pumps] and security- and fire-alarm upgrades) to protect your residence against recurrences.

Identity Theft Expense Coverage

If you’re the victim of identity theft during your policy period, Vault will reimburse up to $25,000 for related expenses.

Pet Injury Coverage

Because everyone knows that pets are family members too, we provide $5,000 in medical expenses for furry and feathered friends injured in a covered loss event.

Automatic Coverage for Trusts and LLCs

No matter how your home ownership is structured we extend coverage to these entities.

*  Not all products and services may be available in all jurisdictions and the terms and conditions of all products are subject to the applicable policy language.