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Whether you collect fine art, jewelry, vintage wine, rare whiskey, couture gowns, or priceless antiques – whatever your passion, we can protect it.

Vault’s Collections insurance takes a thorough approach to protecting your collectibles, so you can worry less and enjoy more.

Protecting What Matters Most

Vault offers high net worth personal insurance and customized solutions for individuals and families. We’re not just insuring assets, we’re reducing risks with data-driven technology to protect what matters mostcherished moments, family memories, and priceless legacies. ​

The Right Coverage for When Things Go Wrong

Safeguarding your collections means more than an insurance policy. Affluent individuals have curated luxury collections that showcase their passions. These pieces are often one-of-a-kind, heirlooms, or limited edition – and therefore, difficult or impossible to replace.

Additionally, using these passions as investment pieces to diversify portfolios is becoming increasingly common. Because passions and profits are overlapping, it’s crucial these luxury collections be insured at their true value and proactively protected.

Typical homeowner’s policies offer limited coverage for valuable items such as fine jewelry, luxury art, and vintage wine, which may get lost, stolen, or damaged. We ensure your collection is properly insured and help you establish a maintenance plan.

Fastest Claims Response

Vault offers the industry’s best response time to claims. We respond to claims in under 2 hours from initial contact. Our average time for some form of payout is 48 hours, significantly faster than the industry average of 1-4 weeks.

Coverage Highlights

Newly Acquired Coverage

We provide coverage for new items to your collection, so long as they are the same class of items as on your policy. We must be notified of the new item and coverage must be requested to receive this benefit. We will provide the replacement cost of new item(s) up to the total scheduled limit for that specific collection class.

Pair-and-Set Clause

We will provide the full amount for a pair or set of jewelry or art, in the event of a loss. An agreement to surrender remaining part(s) to Vault is required for this coverage.

Worldwide Coverage

Vault provides coverage anywhere in the world.

Vaulted Jewelry Option

Vault offers reduced and competitive rates for rarely worn jewelry kept in a bank vault or safety deposit box.

Discounted Pricing with Updated Appraisals

Vault provides a premium discount for those who keep updated appraisals on their scheduled valuables. And we are happy to recommend qualified local appraisers for such regular assessments.

Risk Services for Your Valuables

Risk mitigation and care are key to protecting your collectibles. Vault Risk Advisors will help connect you to risk services such as valuation, appraisals, conservation, video documentation, couture garment services, and packing, storage, and transit services.

*  Not all products and services may be available in all jurisdictions and the terms and conditions of all products are subject to the applicable policy language.


Diane* bought a 12ct diamond ring at an auction and secured it in a bank vault for years. ​

The ring had a bit of an unusual history. It had belonged to a well-known lawyer who was caught in a Ponzi scheme. His wife had refused to give up the ring until her arrest.

Diane kept the ring secured at a bank for years and insured through Vault. But one day she decided to take it from the bank safe and wear it out shopping.

While shopping, the large centerpiece diamond fell out and was lost. Two Vault adjusters went back to retrace her steps and look for the 12ct diamond. But in the end, the diamond remained lost.

Because of this stroke of bad luck upon wearing the ring for the first time, Diane came to believe the ring was cursed because of its history.

In reality, the ring had not been maintained during those years in storage, and probably prior. Diane hadn’t realized she should have had the ring inspected before wearing it out.

Vault helped Diane set up a jewelry maintenance plan for her other pieces, and provided replacement cost payment for the lost ring.

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*names and some details have been changed

Vault Risk Services

Where Others See Risk,
We See Opportunity.

At Vault, we know risk education and mitigation are key to reducing severity of loss. Protecting your assets is more than insuring them, it’s looking at the bigger picture to reduce all possible risks. Our team of experienced Risk Advisors provide all-encompassing risk management services to help proactively protect homes and valuables from water damage, fire, theft, natural disaster and more:


Vault Claims Services

More Than a Payment Process, It’s a Life Recovery Process.

Vault Claims Adjusters do what it takes to make a difference for our customers.

Where many have dealt with nightmare scenarios and endless back-and-forth with their insurance provider following a claim, those stories are non-existent at Vault. We focus on fast, flexible, and creative solutions to help you recover and recoup your losses.

We promise to respond to claims notifications within 2 hours of initial contact. Once damages are agreed upon, payment is issued on average within 48 hrs.


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