Collections come in all shapes and sizes. From fine art and fine jewelry to vintage wine and rare whiskey to couture gowns and priceless antiques whatever your passion, let us protect it. Vault’s comprehensive approach to covering such valuables means you can wear, use, and display your treasures without worry.

Coverage Highlights

Worldwide Coverage

Vault-insured valuables are covered across the globe. Yes, you can actually wear your jewelry instead of leaving it at home.

Mysterious Disappearance

Vault provides automatic coverage for misplaced, lost or stolen items.

Newly Acquired Coverage

Shop assured. Vault automatically covers newly acquired items that haven’t yet been added to your policy for 90 days.

Pair-and-Set Clause

Vault offers flexible claims settlements for pairs and sets. Say you’ve lost one of your treasured South Sea pearl earrings. You can choose to have Vault replace it, keep the surviving earring, and be paid for the pair’s loss in value, or you can surrender the remaining earring and receive the full scheduled value of the pair.

Market Appreciation

In the event of a loss, Vault pays up to 150% of the agreed value, to account for appreciation, for scheduled items on your policy. Even if the initial valuation of the item is below current market value, don’t worry; you’re covered.

Vaulted Jewelry Option

Vault offers reduced and highly competitive rates for rarely worn jewelry that is kept in a bank vault or safety deposit box.

Discounted Pricing with Updated Appraisals

Vault provides a premium discount of up to 20% to those who keep updated appraisals on their scheduled valuables. And we’re happy to recommend qualified local appraisers for such regular assessments.

*  Not all products and services may be available in all jurisdictions and the terms and conditions of all products are subject to the applicable policy language.