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Traditional coverage is often not enough for luxury vehicles with high-end smart technology and customizations. We designed our Auto policies with enhanced, broader coverage to meet the needs of affluent customers.

Combining superior attention to detail with best-in-class concierge services, we can promise you an exceptional insurance experience.

Protecting What Matters Most

Vault offers high net worth personal insurance and customized solutions for individuals and families. We’re not just insuring assets, we’re reducing risks with data-driven technology to protect what matters mostcherished moments, family memories, and priceless legacies. ​

The Right Coverage for When Things Go Wrong

Affluent individuals have luxury cars and vehicles requiring higher quality and expertise to repair and replace. The complexity and technology of customized luxury vehicles have made it more expensive and lengthy to repair a vehicle. Recently, we’ve seen a rise in inflation and supply chain issues, severe crashes, car and car part theft, and uninsured motorists on the road. All of these issues increase risks while driving and cause issues when repairs are need.

At Vault, we offer superior coverage, 24/7 assistance, agreed value, rental car reimbursement coverage, and a list of preferred auto repair techs to get your repair prioritized and fixed faster.

We make sure you’re comfortable in a like-quality vehicle and back in your car as soon as possible, so you have minimum disruptions to your daily life.

Fastest Claims Response

Vault offers the industry’s best response time to claims. We respond to claims in under 2 hours from initial contact. Our average time for some form of payout is 48 hours, significantly faster than the industry average of 1-4 weeks.

Coverage Highlights

Agreed Value

Provides coverage equal to the agreed value at the time of purchase with no depreciation.

Rental Car Reimbursement

Reasonable expenses for car rentals following owner vehicle disruption is covered. Total maximum reimbursement may vary by state.

Full Glass Coverage

All glass coverage including (but not limited to) windshields, may be available with no deductible, subject to the applicable policy language.

Auto Lock

We cover lost or stolen keys, up to $1,500.

Roadside Assistance

Up to $350 provided for each occurrence with no annual limit.

Pet Injury

Coverage for reasonable medical expenses of domestic pets involved in a covered auto loss at no maximum.

Worldwide Liability

Property and liability coverage is automatically provided when renting or borrowing vehicles anywhere in the world for up to 90 days. Specific insurance requirements of that jurisdiction must be adhered to for this coverage.


Covers the full cost to repair the vehicle in the event of an accidental deployment of airbags.

Vehicle Types
We Cover

  • Motorcycles
  • Collector Cars (Classic, Antique, Exotic)
  • Golf Carts
  • Private Passenger Auto
  • Off-Road
  • Trailers
  • Motorhomes

*  Not all products and services may be available in all jurisdictions and the terms and conditions of all products are subject to the applicable policy language.


On the way home from the airport, *Tyrell stopped for food with a car full of luggage.

Tyrell and his wife had a long flight home and stopped to get food at a restaurant after leaving the airport. They had stored several large suitcases in their car in the back seat of their luxury SUV in plain sight.

Despite parking the car in front of the restaurant where it was visible to passersby, their car was broken into. The thieves stole suitcases in the backseat.

Besides the stolen luggage, the car doors, dash, and seats were damaged during the break in. Due to supply chain issues, Tyrell’s luxury customizations and smart technology were difficult to repair and took six months to replace.

Vault stepped in to ensure Tyrell was comfortable in a temporary vehicle and his car, including all customizations, were repaired to its original condition.

Vault advised him and his wife to secure all valuables out of sight, in the trunk, or not left in the vehicle at all to prevent break ins and theft of their luxury car.

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*names and some details have been changed

Vault Risk Services

Where Others See Risk,
We See Opportunity.

At Vault, we know risk education and mitigation are key to reducing severity of loss. Protecting your assets is more than insuring them, it’s looking at the bigger picture to reduce all possible risks. Our team of experienced Risk Advisors provide all-encompassing risk management services to help proactively protect homes and valuables from water damage, fire, theft, natural disaster and more:


Vault Claims Services

More Than a Payment Process, It’s a Life Recovery Process.

Vault Claims Adjusters do what it takes to make a difference for our customers.

Where many have dealt with nightmare scenarios and endless back-and-forth with their insurance provider following a claim, those stories are non-existent at Vault. We focus on fast, flexible, and creative solutions to help you recover and recoup your losses.

We promise to respond to claims notifications within 2 hours of initial contact. Once damages are agreed upon, payment is issued on average within 48 hrs.


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