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A better insurance experience.

Vault is a refreshing, modern approach to personal insurance designed specifically for successful individuals and families who have a lot to protect. Our impeccable coverage is built for homes with an insured value of 1 million or more. Our customer service is second to none, whether you’re a long-time customer dealing with a claim, a new customer with a question about a specific coverage or a prospective customer examining our multitude of risk-management services. What matters to you, matters to us.

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Expectations have changed. Today, we demand more from the companies we use.

We want more responsive service. We want streamlined processes. We want a human touch. Vault brings that kind of satisfaction to personal insurance. Our process is streamlined and simplified, as modern insurance should be. You won’t wade through red tape for claim resolution or get passed from person to person.


We’re deeply committed to creating a better insurance experience for successful individuals and their families. One in which the latest technology is utilized, every interaction is thoughtful, and every solution is unique. You shouldn’t expect any less.

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