The Vault Difference 

Customized Insurance Solutions for Affluent Individuals and Families. 

We’re not just insuring assets, we’re reducing risks with data-driven technology to protect what matters most.
We understand our affluent customers have unique needs that do not fit into a neat box. We look at the bigger picture to provide customized solutions, exceptional service, and risk management to proactively protect your legacy. 

Customized Solutions for Unique Needs 

Our unique business model, tailored to affluent individuals and families, enables us to solve problems with creative solutions and technology. 

Affluent individuals and families often need more consideration to insure and protect. A standard insurance policy for the mass market often does not meet this need. Vault saw those gaps in coverage for high net worth individuals and built our foundation around it. 

Where other insurers offer inflexible coverage in black and white, Vault offers a blank canvas for customization. We offer coverage for exactly what you need with competitive pricing and none of the fluff. 

Vault offers coverage options in all 50 states. We partner with local brokers and agents to offer the best service experience for our customers. 

Outstanding Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Vault’s customer reviews average 4.7 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, far above the insurance industry average of 3.7. 

Our customers are satisfied with their Vault experience because we deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint. 

Vault Concierge provides best-in-class, white glove service for our customers. Our Claims team is fast and efficient in responding to issues in times of crisis. And our agents and brokers are deeply committed to ensuring the peace of mind of all our customers. 

Our commitment to outstanding communication skills enables us to keep customers informed and updated. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns our customers may have. 

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Fastest Claims Response and Payout Times 

Our team is responsive and quick in processing claims. We focus on resolving claims as fast as possible to reduce any potential disruption to the policyholder. 

Vault offers the industry’s best response time to claims, with a response time under 2 hours from initial contact. 

Our average time for some form of payout is 48 hours, far faster than the industry average of 1-4 weeks. 

Financial Strength 

Vault is rated A- (Excellent) by AM Best for our financial strength. We also retain an A+ reinsurer panel rating for our conservative reinsurance protection. Our company growth is fueled by technology investments, strong underwriting, data analysis, and an unrivaled business model emphasizing flexible, bespoke policies. We hold a prudent approach to financial management and maintain ample capital to insure complex risks. 

Industry Innovator 

Vault was the first high net worth insurance provider to build a foundation on customized solutions. Our leaders are respected industry innovators with decades of insurance expertise. 

Vault’s top leadership has built our company around stability, innovation, and adaptability, with strong relationships to key industry stakeholders. 

Proactive Protection and Crisis Response 

We understand that filing a claim can be stressful for policyholders. We provide compassionate support to help policyholders navigate the process. Our Claims Team have an average of 15+ years of experience and expertise. Our team understands the intricacies of the insurance claims process, so you get a hassle-free and simple claims experience. 

To reduce your risks and the headache of filing a claim, we don’t only insure your assets. We hone in on proactive protection. We do this by looking at the big picture of our customer’s life, not only the item we are insuring. We analyze where we can reduce risks and provide the resources and tools to mitigate potential dangers. 

We also are a proactive insurer, responding to crises as they happen. When Hurricane Ian hit Florida in 2022, we reached out to our affected customers right after the storm had passed to ensure their safety and provide support. 

Our Services 

Our in-house client advisers, risk managers, valuation experts, claims and support team members
are 100% dedicated to delivering a luxury insurance experience. We use data-driven
and proprietary technology and personalized concierge services built to suit your needs.

Vault Concierge

Exceptional Service and Immediate Support,
Anytime You Need Us.

The Vault Concierge is our exceptional customer service team, ready to help you with on-the-spot service, 24/7.

As your first point of contact with Vault, our concierge is equipped to help you resolve any issues, from providing insurance documents and endorsements to making policy changes or contacting adjusters. Unlike other customer support lines, you will always talk with a live person who can help — no automation or jumping through hoops.

When Vault Concierge is contacted about a claim, they notify our adjusters immediately, who respond within 2 hours of initial contact.

We hold our team to the highest standards of service, so every interaction has a white-glove level of care, and every agent or customer gets the support they need right away. 

Based On A
True Story

“We came home to find a serious water leak in the stairwell that caused significant damage and created a mold hazard. Within hours our adjuster came to the house to make an initial assessment and immediately began the mitigation process. My wife and I were astounded at the speed of the whole thing! Upon completion, our adjuster visited once again to make sure we were entirely satisfied. We couldn’t have asked for better support, and the work itself was impeccable!” 

– Jim & Ardis, Vault Customers

“I always heard the horror stories of working with adjusters and coming to terms with a damages claim. To my amazement, the people at Vault Insurance have made this post-hurricane experience easy. From their communication skills to their understanding of what I’m going through, and then educating me on this process, it’s been a pleasure. They have been more akin to a relief than an obstacle to rebuild my home and life. Further, since the storm, I have made a point to discuss my experiences with Vault Insurance with my family, friends and neighbors. I’m proud to be a Vault client.” 

– Dan, Vault Customer

Vault Claims Services

More Than a Payment Process, It’s a Life Recovery Process.

Vault Claims Adjusters do what it takes to make a difference for our customers.

Where many have dealt with nightmare scenarios and endless back-and-forth with their insurance provider following a claim, those stories are non-existent at Vault. We focus on fast, flexible, and creative solutions to help you recover and recoup your losses.

We promise to respond to claims notifications within 2 hours of initial contact. Once damages are agreed upon, payment is issued on average within 48 hrs.


Based On A
True Story

“Most responsive insurance experience ever. Vault responded immediately to my notice about damage to my car by another motorist. They promptly arranged for the repairs, provided a rental car during the repair period and handled the claim swiftly. Best experience I have ever had working with an insurance company.” 

– Patricia, Vault Customer


“Not many people would write a review saying that ‘I love my insurance,’ and I never thought I would be one of those people, but I am. Vault Insurance has been spectacular. Through recent engagements the company has been respectful, their representatives impeccably professional, and allowed us to continue with our lives while handling what we need to do.” 

– Harry, Vault Customer

Vault Risk Services

Where Others See Risk,
We See Opportunity.

At Vault, we know risk education and mitigation are key to reducing severity of loss. Protecting your assets is more than insuring them, it’s looking at the bigger picture to reduce all possible risks. Our team of experienced Risk Advisors provide all-encompassing risk management services to help proactively protect homes and valuables from water damage, fire, theft, natural disaster and more:

Safety & Security: 

  • Home Security Assessments 
  • Cyber Security Assessments 
  • Travel Itinerary Safety Reviews 
  • Personal Security Advisory 
  • Identity Theft Recovery Services 
  • Background Checks for Staff 

Home Loss Prevention: 

  • Emergency Preparedness Services 
  • Infrared Inspections 
  • Lightning Suppression Resources 
  • Water Damage Prevention Services 
  • Horticultural Resources 
  • Mechanical Inspections 
  • Brush and Wildfire Mitigation

Household Staff: 

  • Background Checks for Staff 
  • CPR and Certified First Aid Training for Domestic Staff 

Valuables & Personal Property: 

  • Valuation and Appraisals 
  • Inventory Documentation 
  • Packing, Storage and Transit Services 
  • Conservation Services 
  • Video Documentation 
  • Couture Garment Services 

When unfortunate situations happen, we provide a quick and seamless recovery. You’ll speak to a concierge team member who will deploy immediate services for the situation at hand. Our priority is your peace of mind and your assets repaired and recouped.