About Us

Vault is made up of more than 200 smart, dynamic and driven professionals throughout the United States, each one of us ready to exceed agent and customer expectations every day. That’s what we do, because that’s who we are.

Our Values

Our exceptional team, growing all the time, takes great pride in uniting around a set of shared values that embody what it feels like to be part of this organization and enables us to continue to push industry boundaries.


Always be evolving

We want to bust-up the insurance industry paradigms that don’t make sense for our agents or our customers.


Think big, act small

Ego to dream. No ego when it comes to how we operate everyday.


Fight for what is right

Our employees are empowered to act and take chances on behalf of our customers and the agents we serve.


Don’t waste $%!&@ time

Time is our customer’s most precious possession. We don’t waste it.


We are family

The future is ours to create because we have each other


We emphasize humanity, across the board. When you look around our office, you’ll see only kind, intelligent people who care deeply about their work and their team. But we believe in big ideas and big change too, so we encourage our employees to be ambitious, to go the extra mile—as long as they don’t sacrifice an ounce of empathy, of course.

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Our Leadership

Founded and led by industry veterans, Vault is built atop a bedrock of deep expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Our leaders care about doing things not only the right way but the better way, to meet the needs of modern families.

Charles Williamson

As Vault’s CEO, Charles’ work is defined by his ability to lead a high-performing team and foster their unique talents while simultaneously easing pain points for customers. His experience includes more than 20 years leading and growing some of the industry’s most successful institutions. Charles loves to compete against himself and others. He is an avid crossfit athlete and an ex-triathlon competitor, as well as a strong supporter of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which provides and teaches those with physical disabilities to use sports gear or equipment.

Stephen Bitterman
Chief Risk Services Officer

With over 30 years of experience, Steve is a household name in the insurance industry. As Chief Risk Services Officer at Vault, he oversees all aspects of risk management and loss prevention with a special emphasis on flexible, streamlined inspection services that minimize the inconvenience to the client while maintaining an irreproachable level of service, accuracy and coverage. His compassion and attention to detail extends well beyond his work at Vault. For one month each year Steve acts as the coordinator for an emergency homeless shelter for Interfaith Housing Alliance, and has done work building clean water systems for remote villages in Honduras.

Nick Muqtadir
Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer at Vault, Nick oversees Vault’s Concierge, reinsurance, and internal technology. Before joining Vault, he spent 17 years at AIG in various leadership roles. A consummate leader, Nick is a firm believer in inclusivity and empowerment as a catalyst for building trust and achieving success. His work with The Optimists and the Jaago Foundation, two charities that work to eradicate poverty through youth education and empowerment gives Nick the opportunity to live that philosophy outside of the office as well.

Peter Piotrowski
Chief Claims Officer

Peter is the consummate Claims professional and leader. With over 30 years’ experience working for some of the industry’s top players, he possesses an intimate knowledge of the high net worth insurance space with an emphasis on loss prevention and mitigation strategies essential to supporting clients when they need it the most. As ambitious in his professional life as he is in his personal life, and a Renaissance man at heart, Peter is a competitive cyclist and participates in triathlons.

Mary Qualls
Chief Underwriting Officer

Mary is Vault’s secret weapon, finding ways to write business and masterfully dealing with everything compliance and innovation related, including developing products that meet the needs of our customers, comply with state regulations and fit into the company’s financial framework. Mary is a family-oriented animal-lover and a huge Broadway fan. As a past certified pet therapy team member, she continues to support Creature Comforts Pet Therapy, a charity dedicated to connecting pet-owners and facilities seeking animal assisted therapy for their members.

Brandy Roth, FCAS, MAAA
Chief Actuary

Brandy’s work lays the foundation for Vault by ensuring that we provide products that are pertinent and price relevant for high net worth individuals, while simultaneously ensuring the financial strength of the brand. As a natural team builder and rallying force, it’s no surprise that Brandy also spends part of her personal time helping the Children’s International Summer Villages, an international youth travel organization dedicated to educating and inspiring peace through building intercultural friendship, cooperation and understanding.

Stacy Warren
Chief Sales and Customer Service Experience Officer

Stacy’s success in past leadership roles combined with her client-focused drive, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to turn a group of people into a team make her a natural fit at Vault. When she’s not acting as Vault’s resident jack-of-all-trades, Stacy can be found at a spinning class or putting her talents to good use fundraising for charities like the United Way.

Financial Strength

While we strive to make big changes in insurance, we are equally focused on protecting our clients’ assets.

That means maintaining a prudent approach to financial management in every aspect of our business. Our credit rating is consistent with other leading providers — an A- from respected industry rating agency, A.M. Best —  and we’re backed by significant capital from some of the industry’s top investors. We do it differently, but we do it right.