Protecting What Matters Most.

Truly Personal

Expectations have changed. Today, we demand more from the companies we use. We want more responsive service. We want streamlined processes. We want a human touch. Vault brings that kind of instant satisfaction to personal insurance. We’re deeply committed to a better customer experience, one in which the latest technology is utilized, every interaction is thoughtful, and every solution is unique. You shouldn’t expect any less.

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A Modern Insurance Experience

Simple, but state of the art

Working with us is intuitive and streamlined— the way insurance should be. We work obsessively to strip away cumbersome red tape, focusing on innovation that saves customers time and headaches at every stage.

The luxury of peace of mind

Our real humans prioritize your real life so you feel taken care of even before a claim is filed. We make lives less stressful, not more so.

A startup’s tenacity, old pro’s reliability

Our leadership team is made up of industry veterans and we have the backing of the country's top investment firms but we will never shy away from pushing boundaries, changing what doesn’t work in our industry. We build better experiences, one client at a time.

Custom Coverage

Our products are designed for specific customers: successful individuals and families for which traditional insurance coverage no longer makes sense. Whether you need to protect  a second home, a carefully curated art collection, high-end kitchen appliances, luxury vehicles, or something else, we’re here to help.

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Building Together

Vault is a company built around connecting like-minded individuals through a partnership known as a ‘reciprocal insurance exchange’. This structure brings together an exclusive, responsible group of families with similar assets and lifestyles and allows for preferred pricing structures and sustained premiums. Over time, members may even receive money back. Our Member Rewards Program distributes surplus back to the membership during profitable years.

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